Studio 4 Architects approaches all projects by directly engaging you as the owner in the design process, because the most valuable information exchange is where you help guide all decisions about the project. In a more traditional approach, the architect would be hired, ask a few questions of the client, and then begin the design process on their own. By discussing questions and thoughts in person with you, we believe inherent value is achieved in several important ways.

By initially involving owners in the design process, dialog is exchanged directly and problems are mutually solved more efficiently. This leads to developing more solutions to present you with the best understanding of your options.
As the process moves forward, we like to include contractors in our meetings to address questions and concerns that are vital in finalizing the design. Contractors can provide valuable information related to the budget, detailing, and other construction issues, so that all parties remain fully informed about what to expect during construction.

In a more traditional approach, these issues might only be addressed after the design is basically complete, which could result in sending the design back to be reworked to meet the budget. We believe that our process is considerably more seamless and cost effective.

Strategic Alliances
We feel in order to give owners the best projects, we have built relationships with others in the construction industry.

Civil Engineers
Structural Engineers
Mechanical Engineers
Electrical Engineers
Plumbing Engineers
Landscape Architects
Interior Designers
  Green Squared -
Residential and Commercial Contractors
Material Suppliers and Companies (Including)

Masonry and Stone
Porcelain and Ceramic Tile
Plastic Laminate
Solid Surface

Site Planning
Initial Site Design, Site Analysis, Site Solution, Overall Building Layout on Site
Design and Construction Maybe Built in Phases
Size, Square Footage, Adjacencies, and Requirements of Rooms in The Design
Schematic Design
3-D Design Renderings and Models for Presentations, Floor Plans, Elevations
Design Development
Development of Schematic Design, Selecting Finish Materials (Paint, Brick, Ceramic or Vinyl Tile, Carpet, Etc.)
Construction Documents
Completion of Documents Required for Construction
Construction Administration
Overseeing The Quality of Construction
Interior Design
Design and Application of Interior Finishes (Paint, Carpet, Ceramic or Vinyl Tile, Wood, Furniture Procurement)
Application of Paint Color Selected